Privacy Policy

  1. The customer will provide a non –refundable deposit of twenty five percent (25%) of the total function cost upon signing the agreement. The balance of the total  function cost shall be due (2)weeks prior to the function.
  2. The customer may shall cancel this agreement by sending written notice of sweet dream designs at least (2) months prior to the of an event of such cancellation  sweet dream designs shall be entitled to retain any part of the deposit being held and the customer shall have no further obligations to Sweet Dream Designs.
  3. In the event of the cancellation by the customer, other than accordance to paragraph2, the customer shall pay Sweet Dream Designs .a penalty equal to twenty percent (20%) of the total function cost.
  4. The customer shell pay the damages caused by its guests and misplaced property belonging to SWEET DREAM DESIGNS
  5. Sweet Dream Designs. Reserves the right to require a damage deposit.

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